An immune-metabolic intervention for functional HIV-cure

The unfortunate failure of two recent large prophylactic HIV-vaccine trials and a “shock and kill” functional cure approach using latency-reversing agents to eradicate the latent HIV reservoir poses a massive challenge to unraveling the immune responses that can prevent an HIV infection. Our extensive clinical studies from several cohorts on people living with HIV (PLWH) on combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) and the immune-phenotype fingerprinting of the HIV-positive elite controllers who naturally control viral replication without any therapy, indicated a profound role of immune metabolism in natural immunity to HIV-infection. Here we propose a novel approach to functional cure through immune-metabolic intervention. We perform the pre-clinical in vitro studies in novel gut/brain organ-on-chip and in vivo studies in animal models (mouse and primate) to identify the altered immunological profile due to the viral persistence or the treatment to eradicate the viral reservoir leading to a functional cure of HIV.


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Understanding the biological mechanisms of aging

The most remarkable achievement in the battle against HIV was the discovery of effective, well-tolerated combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) which has transformed a deadly viral infection into a chronic, manageable disease. The long-term HIV infection, even with successful treatment, is associated with an accentuated onset of non-AIDS-related severe pathologies. But for reasons unknown, a significant proportion of HIV-infected individuals receiving long-term cART do not only die at an earlier age than HIV-uninfected counterparts, but they also suffer from age-related comorbidities due to chronic inflammation and immune activation during the cART. Currently, there are knowledge gaps about how HIV affects the immune system and other organs during long-term cART. We bring together system biologists, immunologists, and clinical scientists to deep immune profile long-term successfully treated PLWH in a large biobank linked European HIV aging-cohorts (COCOMO and AROGYA) to identify the PLWH at risk for age-related comorbidities and to unravel the mechanisms and cause behind. Our studies will provide clinically targetable approaches for healthy aging in PLWH.


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Understanding the metabolic rewiring during acute infection against RNA viruses

Natural epidemics and outbreaks of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases are growing global problems. Events like the recent massive pandemic with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) that affected more than 187 countries, the current Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) cases in Spain, as well as dengue and Zika in Latin America and South-East Asia, reveal that the world is facing more infectious disease epidemics caused by RNA viruses. Viruses exploit the host metabolic machinery to meet their biosynthetic demands, making these host pathways potential therapeutic targets. Understanding the viral host reliance helps to pinpoint individual host genes or networks of the genes involved in the metabolic interplay of viral infection. In this project, we aim for a comprehensive mapping of metabolic perturbations during acute conditions in emerging and re-emerging RNA viruses that can aid novel antiviral strategies. After identifying the target drug, in a long-term plan, we will perform pre-clinical animal experiments.


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